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2008 Scream Awards clip with Marilyn & Twiggy


At :12, Twiggy's standing to Marilyn's left, and walks around behind him to his right. Marilyn doesn't see him, and reaches out an arm to wrap around him, realizes his mistake, and pulls Twigster in with the other arm.

At :40, Twiggy feeds Marilyn the 'A-I-D-S' response to the weirdo interviewer. Then they cruise out with their arms around each other. ♥
Rose Red

"This Monster Lives" snippet about Twiggy

Hey y'all, I found this bit in the book Metallica: This Monster Lives concerning Twiggy's audition for Metallica back in 2003. I don't know if everyone's read it, so I'm copying the Twiggy-relevent portion here:

p.208:Lars, for his part, initially gravitated towards Twiggy Ramirez, formerly of Marilyn Manson's band (that is, until Rob's second audition blew Lars' mind.) As Pepper [Keenan] complemented James, Twiggy's black-clad Hollywood rock-star vibe was a nice fit for Lars. If Twiggy were to join Metallica, he and Lars would probably form an alliance that would disrupt the equilibrium of the band in much the same way the Pepper-and-James combo would. Like Pepper, Twiggy also decided on his own that he wasn't a good fit for Metallica because, as he told Lars, he was "a guy who used to wear a dress."

Something about this makes me a little sad, as it seems sometimes that Twiggy is down on himself, and here its as if he thought he wouldn't be 'manly' enough for Metallica or something.

As a perk-up from that, here's a cute video of Twiggy and Marilyn being adorkable from a concert in Montreal.



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I just found TONS of icons I made of Twiggy and Twiggy/Manson a few years ago. thought I'd post em here in case anyone wants to use any! They're not that great.. but if you do chose to take any all I ask for is credit :)

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The High End of Low


About the sound of the new album:
"The guitar sounds like Twiggy's dick when it's hard."

About Twiggy's contribution:
"There is a glorious epic track that I think will make Twiggy forever recognised as a guitar hero."

A new song from the devious duo, "We're From America" will be available free for download at on Friday the 27th of March!
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